WHAT IS COLON HYGIENE? It is a safe, effective method of cleansing the colon of impacted, putrefied waste material by repeated, gentle flushing with sterile water, using a gravity flow method . Impacted toxic materials impair the colon’s ability to assimilate minerals and bacteria-producing vitamins and can also inhibit muscular action causing sluggish bowel movements, slow transit time, constipation – resulting in further disorders, such as BAD BREATH, FATIGUE, SINUS, HEADACHES, BODY ODOR, GAS, NAUSEA, SCIATIC PAIN, LOW ENERGY, VOMITING, CONFUSION, SKIN BLEMISHES, DIZZINESS, IRRITABILITY, BACKACHE etc.

WHY IS COLON HYGIENE SO IMPORTANT? While the lungs, skin, kidneys and liver also serve to eliminate toxins, people have experienced that when they ensure that the colon is cleansed and rejuvenated, the well-being of the whole body is greatly enhanced. Colonic Hydrotherapy has been found to be the most effective process available to accomplish this work quickly and easily.

WHAT ABOUT ENEMAS, SUPPOSITORIES, OR LAXATIVES? Enemas are useful for emptying the rectum – the lowest 8 to 12 inches of the colon only. Suppositories are intended to stimulate a bowel movement when constipation is already present. It will only empty a small portion of the fecal contents. Prescription laxatives are poisons that the body recognizes and in the process of eliminating the laxative, some fecal contents are removed also. All forms of laxatives are temporary measures only – needing larger quantities over time and causing irritation to the mucosal wall and redundancy of the peristatis. However, an herbal formula that clears the small intestine is highly recommended.

WHAT WILL COLON HYGIENE DO FOR THE COLON? It cleanses the colon by breaking down toxic material and removing it. It exercises the colon muscles which has been weakened by toxic buildup – improving the peristaltic activity – this will help speed up transit time of fecal material. It reshapes the colon. When problem conditions exist in the colon, they tend to alter its shape and structure, causing narrowing, strictures and spasm. It stimulates reflex points. Every system and organ of the body is connected to the colon by reflex points (similar to reflexology). Colon Hygiene stimulates these points, thereby affecting the corresponding body parts, organs, tissues and glands in a beneficial way. It hydrates the body – allowing the body to be able to absorb much needed fluids, hydrating the cells of the body to function at optimum levels as well as diluting toxins already in the body. The solar plexus is the emotional center of the body and the transverse colon passes right through it. If an emotional event is left incomplete, it often results in physical tension being stored in the solar plexus which affects all organs of the area, including the colon. The ongoing tightening of the colon muscle results in diminished movement of fecal material through the colon, which is experienced as constipation. Therefore, not only does Colon Hygiene help in alleviating constipation, it also assists in recognizing and releasing the stored emotions causing the problem.

WILL COLON HYGIENE BE PAINFUL? It rarely is. Usually painful or uncomfortable experiences are the result of resistance and tension. A skilled professional is able to put you at ease and minimize discomfort. Most people actually enjoy the colonic and are especially pleased with the unaccustomed sensation of feeling lighter, clean, and clear afterward.

IS COLON HYGIENE EMBARRASSING? Not at all. You will be in a private room with a therapist who fully appreciates the sensitivity of the procedure. You will do all the necessary preparation yourself – without the intervention of the therapist – and then lying back on the bed – fully covered – while the water gently washes the colon – eliminating the waste. In fact, it is a euphoric experience!

IS COLON HYGIENE DANGEROUS IN ANY WAY? Being an essentially natural process a skilled therapist will exercise extra care with the elderly who is severely constipated, the pregnant woman and all other diseases of the colon. Colon Hygiene is not performed on a person with active ulcers or following a recent colon surgery.

WILL HYDROTHERAPY UPSET THE ELECTROLYTE BALANCE ? Electrolytes are minerals in the body (mainly sodium and potassium salts) that maintain the proper electrical charge and pH in the various organs and tissues of the body. The pH electrical balance in the colon is very near neutral, ideally being slightly acid. A strong acid or alkaline environment is not necessary because digestion does not take place in the colon. Rather, the major function of the colon is to re-absorb the fluid and electrolytes from the unformed stool and passing only the solid waste out via the rectum.

WILL ONE SESSION COMPLETELY EMPTY THE COLON? Never. Many of us have a considerable amount of impacted feces that has hardened, and is a rubbery or wallpaper-like material. Substantial work must be done to remove it. One colonic will remove some of the stagnant waste – the second and subsequent treatments will remove more. How many you may wish to have will depend upon your personal objectives. Your trained therapist will advise you on your personal condition.

WILL THIS BENEFIT ME AS PART OF A FASTING PROGRAM?Yes. Whenever you do anything that increases the rate at which toxins enter the bloodstream, it is essential that you eliminate whatever you can through the colon. If you do not – you may unnecessarily experience increase discomforts of toxemia (poisons in the bloodstream). A knowledgeable Colon Hygienist can be of great assistance during any cleansing program.

AFTER MY COLON IS CLEAN, THEN WHAT? Once the colon is clean, it would be ideal to keep it that way. Diet change and regular exercise is very important. Your Colon Hygienist can help you form a diet and exercise plan that will support a healthy colon. Due to our busy lifestyles and daily stresses, it is advised to schedule periodic maintenance cleansing sessions.