Most cleanse enthusiasts begin mapping out their yearly detox strategies during the month of December.  For some it’s about moving away from sugar, grains, smoking, caffeine, alcohol and dairy.  These substances almost always creates imbalance that leads to disease.  From a spiritual perspective, anything you are attached to can create suffering.

For a beginner cleanse enthusiast, maybe we start with removing foods that make us tired, weak, bloated, inflammed etc.  For an advanced beginner, it’s combined with a colon cleanse program that cleans out the entire digestive cleanse.  Regardless where you are on your health journey, any opportunity you can take to create health by cleaning the internal organs will usually bring you a lifetime of results.

I will provide a questionnaire that I provide clients when doing an in-depth detoxification protocol for a client.  This will help you determine where your greatest weaknesses are.  Then you correlate that with what types of programs resonate with your health, and there begins the mapping process.

I hope you will enjoy this monthly live Q&A series.  The month we combine the colon with detox mapping strategies.

In health,