The Easy Liver Flush

This is perfect for someone who is not quite ready for a full flush, this is nice and easy and doesn’t require a lot of prep time. Ingredients:

  • Warm 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil
  • Quarter glass apple juice
  • Half a lemon
  • Clove of garlic
  • Similar piece of fresh ginger

Zap all the ingredients in a blender, pour and drink.   It is delicious!” Drink every day one glass of this for several weeks, if you are suffering from: Gallbladder attacks, allergies, indigestion, abdominal pain, arm pain, back pain, constipation, bursitis, or any chronic health problem. Avoid or replace ingredients you may be unable to tolerate, like garlic.  Lemon can be replaced with orange, grapefruit or lime.

The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush

A Powerful Do-It-Yourself Tool To Optimize Your Health And Wellbeing By Andreas Moritz In this revised edition (2005) of his best-selling book, The Amazing Liver Cleanse, Andreas Moritz addresses the most common but rarely recognized cause of illness – gallstones congesting the liver.

Twenty million Americans suffer from attacks of gallstones every year. In many cases, treatment merely consists of removing the gallbladder, at the cost of $5 billion a year. But this purely symptom-oriented approach does not eliminate the cause of the illness, and in many cases, sets the stage for even more serious conditions. Most adults living in the industrialized world, and especially those suffering from a chronic illness such as heart disease, arthritis, MS, cancer, or diabetes, have hundreds if not thousands of gallstones (mainly clumps of hardened bile) blocking the bile ducts of their liver.

This book provides a thorough understanding of what causes gallstones in the liver and gallbladder, and why these stones can be held responsible for the most common diseases so prevalent in the world today. It provides the reader with the knowledge needed to recognize the stones and gives the necessary, do-it-yourself instructions to painlessly remove them in the comfort of one’s home. It also gives practical guidelines on how to prevent new gallstones from being formed. The widespread success of The Amazing Liver Cleanse is a testimony to the power and effectiveness of the cleanse itself. The liver cleanse has led to extraordinary improvements in health and wellness among thousands of people who have already given themselves the precious gift of a strong, clean, revitalized liver.

For ease of shopping, this Amazon store has everything you need to complete several Liver Gallbladder Cleanses.  Total cost around $135 divided by 10-12 liver cleanse sessions.  Much more economical than removing a gallbladder?  Yes!

Supplies & Protocol LIVER CLEANSE

  • Shopping List: Organic Apples Extra-Virgin Cold pressed Olive Oil (in dark glass)
  • Castor Oil and Wool Cloth
  • Heating pad (a plastic water bottle will also work)
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Dry Brush Tongue Scrapper
  • Enema Bag
  • Psyllium Husk
  • A Variety of Organic Fruits & Vegetables
  • Epson Salt Himalayan or Celtic sea salt
  • Pure Spring Water
  • Organic Lemons
  • Milk Thistle (optional) Dandelion (optional) MSM (optional)

Phase 1: 3 Days Prior to Cleanse Start to follow a raw living foods diet, which means that nothing is heated above 105 degrees. Remove all animal products from your diet during this cleanse as well as grains. Your diet will consist of organic fruits and vegetables, seaweeds, nuts, seeds, and Superfoods only! You will transition over to a raw foods diet three days prior to the first day of your cleanse so that your body will have time to adjust before we start to remove mass amounts of stored toxins.

Phase 2: Days 1-3 Continue following a raw vegan diet. Follow the steps listed below in chronological order, unless otherwise specified.  Brush your teeth and use your tongue scrapper

  •  Drink a glass of water with a pinch of Celtic/Himalayan sea salt and lemon juice
  •  Take a digestive enzyme 30 minutes before every meal throughout the day
  •  Make a smoothie of your choice for breakfast
  •  Drink plenty of Fresh juiced apples through out the day
  •  Dry Brush
  •  Make a green veggie juice for lunch
  •  Make a salad for dinner
  • Mix a tablespoon of Psyllium husk in a glass of apple juice and drink quickly
  • Drink a glass of water immediately after previous step, add MSM (optional)
  • Do a castor oil pack before bed and take a probiotic

Phase 3: Day 4 Today is your first flush. Be sure to drink plenty of fresh apple juice throughout the day.

  • Take an enzyme 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch
  • Have a smoothie for breakfast and a small salad for lunch
  • Three hours after lunch dissolve 1 tablespoon of Epson salt in ¼ cup of water, drink
  • Two hours later repeat previous step
  • Have citrus fruit for dinner
  • Before bedtime drink ½ cup olive oil blended with ½ cup fresh lemon juice
  • Go to bed immediately with a castor oil pack

Phase 4: Day 5

  • Take 1 tablespoon Epson salts dissolved in ¼ cup water an hour before breakfast
  • Continue the rest of today like days 1-3

Phase 5: Days 6-7

  • Repeat days 1-3

Phase 6: Day 8

  • Repeat Day 4 flush

Phase 7: Days 9-10

Begin to come off of the fast slowly by introducing minimal amounts of solid foods daily. I would continue to follow a raw foods diet since it will continue to detoxify your body and allow the body to continue to heal itself. According to David Wolfe, one should follow a raw lifestyle for 18 months to really allow the body to begin to release the mucus body that has been building up over years of improper eating.

* If you have gallstones you will see them on days following a flush in your stool. They will be green in color and vary in size.

Preparing a castor oil pack is simple but a little messy.

First you want to make sure you have a towel that you can stain, some saran wrap, and a piece of flannel or wool cloth.

Step One: Soak the cloth in castor oil

Step Two: Place the cloth on the right side of your abdomen, which is above your liver

Step Three: Wrap your abdomen with saran wrap so that the cloth is secured

Step Four: Place a heating pad or hot water bottle on top of the cloth and plastic

Step Five: Lay down for thirty to forty minutes on your right side

Step Six: Remove all items and wash the area well with soap