Over the years, I have been the primary person in the household to manage the hot tub.  Since I am pretty much the only person who sits in it on a daily basis, it’s a fair request.

I do a pretty good non-technical version of managing the chemistry.  Weekly and daily or every other day, the hot tub needs managing.

I left for the weekend and didn’t have anyone watching the hot tub in a 4 day period, after sitting in the tub with a Friend a few days before I left, hadn’t run the motor.

Because the motor seemed to be slowing down.  The water was taking longer to clear up.  Bacteria was starting to become a problem in sitting water at 103 degrees.  Parasites will soon be attracted to the situation so I had to move quickly.

Sound familiar?  I see this with clients and I are discovering how to listen to the body as to where the issue is in the body that’s creating symptoms of pain, inflammation, viral or bacterial origins.   We run about 981 – 98.7 degrees.  In a closed vessel, where the hot tub at least can be exposed to oxygen, which means troubles show up faster in a hot tub than they might in the body depending on oxygen levels.  Oxygen can cool or flame fires, depending on a variety of situations.

So I decide I would ask the man of the house to look into it.  After all, I wanted to immediately rule out the motor has electrical (the chi or life force in the human, can be emotional as well) or mechanical issues (what medical consciousness refers to as disease, but we refer to imbalances) so that I can begin to explore the internal organs on the spa.

Well, the man didn’t get around to it (because I also needed to paint Jake’s room this weekend, on the spur of the moment and he was graciously putting the third coat of paint on the walls).  Go figure.  Lol

Ok, the first organ I’m going to look at is the colon and the liver.  So I pull out the filter and find that not only is it clogged, but it appears to have a biofilm in the membrane on the porous pleats.  Just like the colon, which sponge-like material that is very porous, a bacterial infection will create a biofilm in the small intestines first.  The biofilm actually was only found the in pleated side of the filter where water was getting sucked in, not being pushed out.  That’s small and large intestine functions right there my friends.

Guess what cleans that out?  Water!!  Dilutes it and breaks it apart. It doesn’t even completely eliminate the biofilm, even though I sprayed pleat by pleat with jet fast warm water.  (That’s like a pressure colonic now that I think of it which explains why I didn’t get to the causative issue, it merely just threw water on the situation and put lots of strain on the pleats).  It appears the only way I’m going to break this biofilm down is to soak it in alkaline water, i.e., an enzyme cleaner.  Friends, that’s green juice and vegetables and a little fruit.  This is going to be more like a gravity hygiene session.  We soak and let the water move the debris, don’t flush it through the membranes so that it can get further stuck in the porous pleats (intestines).

Now, I notice before doing that but after spraying the hose, the motor just doesn’t seem to have the suction required to get the motor to filter the water powerfully.  I got to check the kidneys of the spa, which is going to be on the bottom base on the hot tub.  A fine, fine mesh covers a very small filter device.  It turns out, there seems to be some debris stuck BETWEEN the mesh layers, just like kidneys in the body!  Debris gets stuck in the kidneys, not on the kidneys.  Water itself is not enough to clean the mesh screen.  I literally need to physically pull the hair debris through the mesh, a pinch at a time.  Tedious!!!  People, this is why we use the herbs.  They can adaptogenically and using a very alkaline base dissolve debris in the kidneys.

Ok, organs are now running better but I’m still having issues with the water.

So I run a pH test strip which tells me 4 very important numbers.  Calcium, pH, alkalinity, Chlorine levels.

As it turns out those exact numbers are what can tell me a whole lot about a body not flowing well.

Calcium levels low?  The water is heavy and not enough “electricity” to move it.  Heavy water is making it hard for the mucus membranes (filters of the body and spa) to clear things.  Calcium creates electricity in your body.  It also creates a more alkaline balance.  All the calcium had been sucked out of the water by the acid nature of the ph.

The pH is showing acidic, which means its acid like water that is similar to eating shitty foods and trying to filter.  Yes, when you feel it, it has a chemically warm feeling, not a cooling, liquid feeling to it like alkaline water has.

Alkalinity is showing there isn’t any.  It needs an alkaline substance, which is guess what?  Baking Soda!!

So I pour 2 cups of baking soda in an acidic, bacterial rich body of water and guess what happens?  It begins to soften and gets sudsy.

You’ve just added a surfactant, a lubricant, something that will begin to soften hard water.  (Calcium softens water).  In detox, we call that a green drink before an enema.  It makes it sudsy so when you add water, it breaks up mater so the filters can begin to filter more efficiently.

Then I add a “defoamer” formula to calm down the bubbles because it’s putting pressure on the filters (the bowels and kidneys).  In detox, this is cooked food.  We would offer that as a solution to slow down the cleansing aspects of detox.

I now let the filter run for about 30 minutes, then let the water rest with the water exposed to air.

The water is not only softening, it’s clearing up to be this beautiful liquid blue wet water.  It seems to have iridescent effect when the bubbles are on.

And there you are my friends, detox as it relates to hot tub repair and maintenance for the lay chemist.

Look around and you will see detox happening all around you.  Nature knows.  We just need to slow down enough to be able to observe.  Our busy lives has us understand nuances of crowded roads and trains, not the intensity and necessity nature brings to detoxification and regeneration.

Bottom line:  Keep the organs running clean.  All alkaline is not always a good thing, need a small percentage of acids.  Open detox channels.  Watch pH numbers in regards to alkalinity levels.  Mostly have fun and thank the One for such an amazing experience by being here on earth.  IT’s a serious job here to awaken and remember the power of who you are.  Don’t get too bogged down in the minutia, but pay attention before things begin to unravel.

Love your life,