Greetings friends,

Sometimes things move so fast, it’s difficult to keep up with the “doing” while simultaneously trying to “be.”  I often tell friends if you want to work through your spiritual journey, just open a business.  All your stuff will show up for you to overcome.

And so mine has during the last few weeks.

I’ve had to set boundaries that aren’t always comfortable, having a loving exchange instead of confrontation means having to stay present with my heart and intentions.  Also, being my word about showing up when I said I would.

As we grown and expand, I’m finding there just are not enough hours in the day.  This week I wasn’t able to return phone calls (which I”m VERY clear about on the voicemail that we do not have a receptionist and to book your appointment online or send an email with any questions).

Why is phone so difficult?  First, it’s the phone tag.  You call me, I call you, leave a message, you call me back, leave a message.  It’s just no longer an effective tool for exchanging information.  People get overwhelmed and want someone to book the appointment for them, which I would LOVE to do, but my practice just isn’t set up for that.  This is how I am able to keep my rate affordable, but this may have to change…I don’t really know how to meet everyone’s expectation.  Then I get people who want to talk for more than a half an hour about the questions they have about their health. journey  I wish I had the time to do that, but I don’t.  So if you have questions, just come in so we can spend time allocated just for you to answer any questions you might have.  If there are contraindications, I’ll tell you then.  If you are trying to convince yourself you need to do this but are not sure, you might better know that answer and don’t really need me to confirm that for you.  But please, send your questions via email so at the end of the evening (which tends to be 9-10 pm at night) I can answer your questions.

Another change is that our software had some bugs, which caused some appointment confusion, the training for others wasn’t the best (my responsibility), so in addition to all those things, I need to be able to get the software humming like before.  Even I’m challenged with it!  Change seems more difficult as I age, I suppose like others, but efficiency should get better!

So if you’ve called, I apologize, I’m just not able to get back to you right now.  Please send me an email with your question.

The clinic vision is and always has been to be a place of health resource on your own personal health journey.  Some periods of time, we nail it.  Other times, we have to grow with it.  Still other times, we could do better.  I keep my heart intention there at all times, even during the waiving periods of “arrrrrggghhhhh”  lol

In a lighter note, we have some AWESOME classes and workshops planned and hope you can make it!  The essential oil classes have been so much fun to learn, explore and discover!

Please bear with us…we are getting there…