Detox Laws – You & Your Hot Tub Share More Than You Think 

02 Nov 2014
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Over the years, I have been the primary person in the household to manage the hot tub.  Since I am pretty much the only person who sits in it on a daily basis, it’s a fair request. I do a pretty good non-technical version of managing the chemistry.  Weekly and daily or every other day, the hot tub needs managing. I left for the weekend and didn’t have anyone watching the hot tub in a 4 day period, after sitting in the tub with a Friend a few days before I left, hadn’t run the motor. Because the motor seemed to be slowing down.  The water was taking longer to.

Changes at the Clinic

30 Jan 2014
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Greetings friends, Sometimes things move so fast, it’s difficult to keep up with the “doing” while simultaneously trying to “be.”  I often tell friends if you want to work through your spiritual journey, just open a business.  All your stuff will show up for you to overcome. And so mine has during the last few weeks. I’ve had to set boundaries that aren’t always comfortable, having a loving exchange instead of confrontation means having to stay present with my heart and intentions.  Also, being my word about showing up when I said I would. As we grown and expand, I’m finding there just are not enough hours in the day..

Welcome Ryan to Our Clinic!

25 Nov 2013
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I’m so pleased to announce that our new colon therapist and VIBRANT health enthusiast Ryan Peterson has joined our team! Here’s a little sneak peak into Ryan!  For more about Ryan, check out his Bio  


20 Sep 2013
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Sorry for the lack of posts, as I’m transferring, updating and re-writing content for the new site. The new space is coming together.  This weekend we move the infrared sauna into the “lymph” room.  After that we have 2 more rooms to completely furnish and things will be up and running in no time. Stay tuned, we have some really informative content coming your way.  Just need a few more weeks to settle in. It’s all a blessing, truly…  Thank you all for such wonderful support. P.S. – Take a look at our Instagram site to see ongoing pics of the new space. C