Essential Oils Class – 1/29 @ 7 pm

29 Jan 2014
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Free doTERRA Essential Oils Class – “Medicine Cabinet Makeover” Wednesday 1/29 at 7 p.m. Cultivate Detox 333 Estudillo Avenue #103 Held at the Glass Suite, Downstairs San Leandro, CA sign up online at 510-214-3365 Learn how to use therapeutic oils as a traditional medicine cabinet makeover.  Learn the best natural way you can possible use to prevent flu, viruses, bacterial infections.  Come learn the secrets of the oils that have been used throughout the centuries.  Here’s one testimony we received after our first class:   “I absolutely loved the essential oils class!  Joy Bernsteins’ knowledgebase was extensive.  I had the experience of signing up to be a distributor (which I.

Mapping Your Detox 2014 – Sunday 12/29 1-3 pm

25 Dec 2013
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Most cleanse enthusiasts begin mapping out their yearly detox strategies during the month of December.  For some it’s about moving away from sugar, grains, smoking, caffeine, alcohol and dairy.  These substances almost always creates imbalance that leads to disease.  From a spiritual perspective, anything you are attached to can create suffering. For a beginner cleanse enthusiast, maybe we start with removing foods that make us tired, weak, bloated, inflammed etc.  For an advanced beginner, it’s combined with a colon cleanse program that cleans out the entire digestive cleanse.  Regardless where you are on your health journey, any opportunity you can take to create health by cleaning the internal organs will.

Holiday Specials – $55

23 Nov 2013
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Lovingly Loving Your Lovely Liver – Q&A 11/7/13 @ 7pm

30 Oct 2013
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Liver Love – Part 1 Signs of Obstructed Bile Ducts Bile flow obstruction can directly and indirectly impair functions of every part of your body!  If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, you likely have liver and gallbladder stones Low appetite Food Cravings Digestive Disorders Diarrhea Constipation Clay Colored Stool Hernia Flatulence Hemorrhoids Dull pain on the right side Difficulty breathing Liver Cirrhosis Hepatitis Most Infections High Cholesterol Pancreatitis Heart Disease Brain disorders Duodenal ulcers Nausea and vomiting “Bilious” or angry personality Depression Impotence or other sexual problems Prostate diseases Urinary problems Hormonal imbalances Menstrual and menopausal disorders Problems with vision Puffy Eyes Skin disorder Liver spots, especially.

Kundalini Meditation Tuesdays at 7

26 Sep 2013
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The beautiful Seryn Moyer will be holding a weekly meditation at the office for those interested in coming over to chill out.  Group meditation has a whole new dimension to your vibration.  I hope you can make it. We’ll have some nice snacks available afterwards.